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TheFezz – Privacy Policy

The pictures and images used in TheFezz.com are sourced from other resources and websites so, if you have any issues with the pictures posted, please feel free to bring it to our notice to have it removed from our website. We adhere to the strict copyright policies and would react immediately upon notice.

Our team has taken every possible care to secure the permission of the images from the original copyright holder. We will contact you before posting the picture of images or immediately after posting to get the confirmation of the displayed picture and the content and the accuracy of our back link to your original post.


Copyright of the images unknown

There are situations where we have no clue regarding the copyright information of the pictures and images sourced from emails and various other contributions. In that case, the copyright information is not displayed on our website, but we would encourage our readers to contact us by email with the necessary information regarding the source of the images. If you are the owner of the image, please do reach us and we will take appropriate steps. We would also request our visitors and our readers to contact us with accurate information about the original source of the images and pictures displayed on our website.


License to use website

The website is strictly protected by the intellectual property rights. In certain cases, it will be notified to the user. The rights of our website are purely protected by the copyright laws, and the rights are reserved.

  • The website allows you to download and view the material publish only for caching purpose
  • The website allows you to print the pages and the images displayed for personal use and modification of the pictures and the content is not encouraged.


Terms and conditions:

You must not

  1. Reproduce, modify or Republish the entire or part of the content or material from this website
  2. Strictly rent, sub-license or sell the content published on this website

iii.    Use the website for public references

  1. Use the website for commercial purposes. Copying, modification or duplicating the contents will not be encouraged.
  2. Make changes on the printed copies of the material downloaded from this website.
  3. Produce or use the images displayed on this website without the accompanying text.

vii.    Redistribute the material from this website.

You are allowed to redistribute the content of this website only when it is stated for redistribution, and it can be redistributed within your organisation without failing to acknowledge the author of the material or content and the website.


Information Gathering

We may use the IP Address of your computer on the internet to diagnose problems with our server, to manage our websites and to gauge the popularity of our webpage contents and also to gather the demographic information for our prospective advertisers.

TheFezz.com uses Google Analytics a web analytics program offered by Google, Inc.to analyse and moderate the users on our website.  The information, including the IP address of your computer, will be stored by Google. Google will use this information to compile reports on activities and other reports about the web page activity and the internet usage.

Google may transfer the information to third parties as approved by the law and the third party will be a reliable source who works for Google. Google Analytics is also used to display advertisements, and the users can opt out of the service if it does not interest them.



Our website uses cookies to help deliver advertisements and to find out the unique website browsers that visit us. This enables us to track the usage of our sites. We do not control the privacy policies of third party merchants, advertisers and the other websites (provided through a hyperlink on our website). You may feel free to check the privacy policy of other sites that are linked in TheFezz.com to know more about their policies on cookies and their site’s usage of your information.